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2021-4-10 · AQW Stonecrusher Class. This class is categorized as one of Tier- Combination Classes, this class requires a total of 3 max reputation from different faction, which is the Mythsong Faction, Arcangrove Faction, and Brightoak Faction. This class is one of the aqw strongest classes in the lore of Adventure Quest World.

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2021-11-5 · Re Aqw Class Discussion Thread. ... The stonecrusher class arrives friday crush your enemies with the brightoak grove saga class the brightoak saga is rockin towards its finale tomorrow and with this weekends story release we also have the new zone class stonecrusher this magicusing monstersmashing class is pretty wicked and its strength is ...

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Stonecrusher Class Discussion Aqw. Dec 25 2017 StoneCrusher is the best free support class in the game at the moment It is in fact so good at supporting that it can support itself well enough to make itself a viable soloing class I assume whoever reads this knows basic info about the class such as how to get it and what its skills do but in case thats not the case heres the wiki thing …

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VSI6X Series Vertical Crusher. 18/09/2015; 10 Comments; Super User; 3 Tags; Due to the increasing market demand for the scale, intensification, energy conservation, environment protection and high-quality machine-made sand, a Chinese professional sand maker manufacturer, further optimizes the structure and function of traditional vertical-shaft impact …

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The StoneCrusher Class Arrives Friday. Jan 28, 2016 The StoneCrusher Class Arrives Friday : Go behind-the-scenes to find the Wizard enhancements work best, as most damage this class deals is the only skill in AQW that provides a group damage resistance modifier. =AQW= StoneCrusher Class Enhancements Guide [Commentary

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 · Icewing Warlord can be soloed using Chrono Assassin. At lvl 90, full luck gives CA around 84% dodge rate, couple that with the ability to reduce enemies'' hit chance and crit chance by 30%, one can really chew through Warlord''s HP rather quickly. Since this boss is human-tagged, NSOD and SDKA can help greatly.

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 · ^Mostly accurate but I disagree for StoneCrusher being full wizard. All of StoneCrusher''s abilities hit considerably higher with full Luck, and the lower haste doesn''t matter because you''re going to hit max haste with the class no matter what.

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 · UOK''s potential with buffs from a Frostval Barbarian or StoneCrusher is a lot higher than that of GB and CA though, since those classes both hit max crit chance and haste by themselves. It''s particularly good with a FB since it …

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2020-11-20 · COMPLETE GUIDE ON HOW TO GET LIGHT CASTER CLASS Updated As of 6/13/2020 To obtain this class you only need to complete "LightCast... Grimoire 3.8+ Download Link Updated Grimoire 3.8+ Broken as of 28/10/2021 (Use at your own risk!)

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2021-1-19 · Aqw stone crusher class could kill the boss fast because of its last skill named as endless fissure which this skill do a dot damage over time to the enemy with a growing damage so when you apply this skill to the enemy it would do dot and your damage would grow big and bigger just to keep in mind that this skill have to be applied to the enemy once the skill is …

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 · Output reduction is when you apply an effect on an enemy that deceases the damage they deal, which in terms means that they will deal reduced damage to everyone. Classes like Archpaladin, Necromancer, Legion Doomknight, Glacial Berserker and many others are example of output reduction.

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 · Starting Classes You can either purchase these classes for 1000 gold or start with them in the Character Creation page Warri

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 · But mostly it just hurts a class that was already struggling from being too niche and too low damage to justify replacing StoneCrusher or LightCaster in most group situations. It could be a nice compromise to give the class a "medium" ranged auto like SSG has, so it at least has the extra farming viability.

[Release] [Grimoire 3.3] StoneCrusher class bot.

 · These bots are made for the Grimoire 3.3 trainer, but they will probably work with the new Grimoire versions I''ve created a bot for Mythsong, Brightoak and Arcangrove reputation experience. I did not come up with the bots itself, been using some inspiration from other bots to make this as fast as possible. Just felt like creating a list for everyone who hasn''t found any …

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2020-6-26 · AQW Best Farming Classes Updated As of 6/26/2020 Best Farming Classes on AQW - If you are an AQW player you must be thinking which one is the best farming class on AQW to make your farm more efficiently, but before …

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2022-6-6 · Then this is the requirements to get the AQW Stone Crusher Class: Need Rank 10 Brightoak. Earth''s Song Token x1 (Need Rank 10 Mythsong) Shaman Armor x1 (Need Rank 10 Arcangrove) 100,000 gold. To merge it, you need to go to the map /join gaiazor and the requirements is all there. And as you can see, this class require 3 rank maximum faction ...

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stonecrusher aqw class. Stonecrusher - aqwnless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under creative commons attribution-sharealike 30 license the stonecrusher class arrives friday stone crusher is a unique legendary mallet decreasing enemy defense by the hit and high chances of inflicting a …

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 · RE: =AQW= Class Discussion Thread. ^ DoomKnight can use Dragon Lord''s Lifestealer skill effect added to Soul Stealer to help regen health back faster while not being too intrusive toward Void Strike damage. And instead of 20% crit buff to Blood Offering, split it 10%, one half goes to a rank 4 passive, the other half remains on Blood Offering.

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RE =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions. Apr 11, 2016One time, I play AQW and get bored with my starting class. You can guess what happen next. I begin my adventure to find the best class that fit me. So, I start searchin on wikidot and found that Necromancer is interesting. Consider that my DoomWood rep is the highest than my other rep.

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2019-12-31 · Re Aqw Class Discussion Thread. Apr 06 2019 So Wiz will give you a higher potential to the class but Luck will make the class more consistent and reliable both Enhancements work for the class and it depends on the situation it definitely works better with Wiz if you have a StoneCrusher buffing your haste so you arent punished as much for missing your …

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2020-6-15 · AQW Stone Crusher Combo Easy - This class is one of the best support category class and this time i will show you the AQW Stone Crusher Combo Wombo, for the correct order to kill any BOSS!!, before that let me introduce the skills: There is 25% chance of skill "Magnitude" being applied by clicking any skill of Stone Crusher. Damage dealt is ...

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2020-6-15 · Use Full Wizard enhancement because Stone Crusher Class main damage is from the "Endless Fissure" skill which is Spell/Magical Damage DoT and it would grow more big and bigger if you use Full Wizard enhancement, …

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2022-1-25 · Re Aqw Class Discussion Thread. Re aqw class discussion thread. starlord used to beark horse pick in the early days of bludrut pvp, it had decent dodge,anged stun, aoes, and decent enough burst damage for the time, before amulets were as commonplace. in the current state of the game it could greatly benefit from the buff however.

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 · RE: =AQW= Class Discussion Thread. Starlord used to be a dark horse pick in the early days of Bludrut PvP, it had decent dodge, a ranged stun, AoEs, and decent enough burst damage for the time, before amulets were as commonplace. In the current state of the game it could greatly benefit from the buff however.

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2020-11-17 · The StoneCrusher Class Arrives Friday Get Price ... RE: =AQW= Class Discussion Thread Get Price · if it''s a tier-3 class like blaze binder or stonecrusher, i think it''s ok to just buy it. & I can''t find a method of gaining gold/class points without gaining xp, so level 1s with rank 10 classes aren''t possible to train. there used to be a few ...